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Empowering Patients
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Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Physical Therapy Solutions, PLLC

Where Do You Need Attention?

Discover a range of personalized treatments from
our expert therapists designed to enhance your recovery and well-being.


Specialized therapy for vestibular issues, vertigo and relieving headaches through targeted techniques.


Therapeutic services aimed at alleviating neck pain and improving range of motion with gentle exercises. Fight tech neck from electronic devices.


Comprehensive shoulder rehabilitation to restore strength and mobility after injuries or surgery.

Hand / Wrist

Expert hand therapy to aid recovery from surgery, fractures, carpel tunnel, arthritis, and other hand conditions.


Back therapy services to treat chronic pain, sciatica, and spinal issues, scoliosis, and enhancing overall posture.


Hip-specific physical therapy aimed at improving joint mobility, reducing arthritic pain, and recovery from hip replacement surgery.


Knee rehabilitation services focusing on pain relief, swelling reduction, functional improvement, post surgery care and recovery.


Ankle and foot therapy to assist in recovery from post surgery, sprains, strains, and athletic injuries.


Specialized foot treatments to address plantar fasciitis, bunions, and other foot ailments.


Customized arm therapy programs designed to enhance muscle function, reduce discomfort, and post surgery recovery.


Targeted leg treatments to help in muscle recovery, strains, pulls, balance, coordination, and strength enhancement.


Therapy services to improve core strength achieve optimal body balance is essential for overall health and well-being.

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Comprehensive Physical Therapy Solutions, PLLC

About Us

Comprehensive Physical Therapy Solutions, PLLC opened in 2013 with a mission to deliver care in a customized individual approach to ALL patients.

Your initial treatment will be a comprehensive evaluation including all testing and a conversation that includes the patient’s specific goals. We pride ourselves in educating the patient regarding the diagnosis, treatment plan, home exercise program and modification of activities that may be aggravating the current condition.

Physical Therapy is a team effort between the Physical Therapist and the patient. This team effort and patient education ensure the BEST outcomes for the patient.

Every patient is unique. Not everyone will have the same goals. At Comprehensive Physical Therapy Solutions, PLLC we take the time to get to know EVERY patient that enters our office! Your goals become our goals! Let us help you achieve your goals and return to the activities you love with the tools and knowledge to avoid repeating your injury!

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Our Expert Therapists

Our expert therapists at Comprehensive Physical Therapy Solutions, PLLC are dedicated professionals who provide individualized care to help patients achieve their specific goals and return to their daily activities with improved physical well-being.

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